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Fresh 100% Natural Goodness: Ginger Drinks

The story:

Back home in Burkina Faso, ginger drink is one of the drinks we serve at weddings, Christmas, Ramadan, Eid-al-Adha, baptisms, funerals, and other gatherings to guests who do not consume alcoholic beverages. I used to drink it as a treat at recess when I could afford it. It can be found in the street, at markets or shops.

The most common herb used is mint and essences such as vanilla or pineapple. I’ve been having so much fun dreaming up new flavors. Ginger is the base in all of them. All the fruits and vegetables are fresh. They are refreshing, natural, and delicious!

We can make your favorite flavor(s) in bulk for your event! 

-Cucumber Mint
-Apple Strawberry
-Mint Vanilla
-Apple Cucumber

Be on the lookout for new flavors!

“The ginger drink is my absolute favorite and I’ve been craving it so bad!”


After trying the pineapple flavor. “This will make me a better person”